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How to Clena Dates Industrial ?

How to clean dates for industrial ?  For the commercial dates business, dates  cleaning machine will be your great helper. Then how the dates cleaning machne work ? Before the working, the dates is placed in a number of rolling brush roller surrounded by the hopper. The brush driven by the motor slowed down after the rotation, the jujube is driven by the brush on the roll.Brush surface and crevices at the top of jujube by different directions of the water spray cleaning.
The dates cleaning machine is made of stainless steel, durable.Raw materials will not be damaged, so as to achieve high clean, save labor, water, equipment, stability, reliability and other effects. Cleaned fruit or vegetable were washed more than three times higher than the conventional manual washing method. The dates washing machine adopts high-pressure water flow and bubble generating device to impact the surface of the object to be cleaned. The energy generated when the bubble ruptures when in contact with the object will play an impact and scrubbing action on the surface of the object to be cleaned, and scrub the surface of the object to be cleaned Objects clean.
Another additional brush type washing machine can effectively remove the hair items. High-pressure water makes the material appear tumbling state, removing pesticide residues on the surface of the product. Floating objects in the washing machine can overflow from the overflow tank and the sediment is discharged from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Bubble shock wave theory can wash the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve work efficiency of more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria, decompose residual pesticides; This machine is equipped with partition board, the cleaning material and washed sediment effectively isolated Open, reducing the turbidity of water, a substantial increase in water recycling efficiency, can save 80% of the cleaning water, saving manpower; easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency.

how to clean dates industrial
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