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Fresh Vegetable Washing Machine working Video


This vegetable washing machine is used for washing leafy and stem vegetables as well as fruits in small and small /medium and large scale production.This washing machine  adopts the cleaning principle of high pressure air bubble,There is bubble generator in the water tank ,the air bubble can rub material and make them roll ,imitating manual washing,so that the vegetables can be completely washed.The finished products is lifted by conveyor mesh belt to next process automaticly.
Features of this washing machine:
1. Complete food grade SUS304 stainless steel.
2. High pressure air bubble washing imitating manual cleaning principle.
3. High Pressure spray valves above the pool wash vegetables from top.
4. Spray Valve of the lifting section secondary washing with clean water.
5. Washed vegetables automaticly lifted to next process step or container.
6. Frequency converter adjusting conveying speed freely.
7. Various Electrical Voltage can be customized made.
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