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How to Increase Shelf Life of Peeled Garlic Cloves

Products based on functional substances in garlic, that is, products with allicin, garlic oil, alliin, garlic polysaccharides, antioxidant active substances, etc. as main functional ingredients, and secondary processed products, involving health food, beverages, wine, Seasoning food, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, feed, etc.
During the use of fresh garlic, the preservation of garlic is a problem that plagues most garlic processing factories. Today I will talk about how to extend the shelf life of garlic.
Common preservation methods for fresh garlic include: peeling garlic and then quick-freezing; general vacuum-packed garlic is blanched or pickled garlic; canned with nitrogen.

Method one to extend the storage time of garlic: quick-frozen garlic

Raw material acceptance → peeling → classification → acceptance → disinfection → cleaning → air drying → packaging → metal detection → refrigeration. If you want to know more about quick-freezing garlic, you can check this page:

Method two to extend the storage time of garlic: nitrogen-filled garlic packaging

Nitrogen is an emotional gas. When packing food, the air-filled package puts the food into the packaging bag, and after the air in the packaging bag reaches a certain degree of emptyness, it is filled with nitrogen gas, and then the sealing process is completed.
The vacuum hydrogenation packaging has an attractive appearance and can be intuitive to the actual form. Some fried foods or fruit and vegetable chips. The garlic is packed with hydrogen in empty to effectively prevent the garlic from picking up or squeezing and prolong the storage time.
For our garlic nitrogen filling equipment, we provide nitrogen filling garlic packaging equipment matching the garlic peeling line.

Method three to prolong the storage time of garlic: vacuum garlic packaging

Vacuum packaging of garlic is also a method chosen by many garlic processing customers. The garlic after vacuuming does not contain air, which can effectively isolate the air and extend the shelf life. Secondly, it is necessary to add preservatives when vacuum garlic packaging to absorb the CO2 and moisture of anaerobic respiration, so as to prevent the bag from swelling. Store in the refrigerator at 0 degrees Celsius for storage. Therefore, the long-term preservation method of vacuum garlic is: vacuum, preservative, and refrigerate at 0 degrees.
After the vacuum, the bag bulges, which means that corruption has occurred and harmful gas has been produced. At this time, the garlic is no longer fresh. It is recommended to discard it immediately.
The use of vacuum packaging machine makes garlic sales and storage more convenient and lasting, and vacuum packaging machine manufacturers can tailor it according to customer needs, which is very popular among food factories, condiment factories, supermarkets, hotels, and families.
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