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Yam Chips Drying Project Report


 Yam Chips Drying Report

Experiment date: 2021.4.2
Experimenter: simon
Recorder: simon

1. Experimental Purpose:

To verify the drying time of yam and to determine the yield ratio

2. Experimental Materials:

Drying box, yam, slicing knife, timer, electronic scale

3. Experimental Steps

1. Clean with fresh yam
2. The yam needs a knife to remove the outer skin
3. Cut the yam into raw materials of yam about 3m
4. Put the yam in an oven with a temperature of 60℃ for drying

4. Experiment Process Record

Comparison of the shape of yam before and after drying
Weight comparison of Chinese yam before and after drying
Material details Raw material weight (g)  Finished product weight (g) Material yield ratio
Sample 156.5 47 3.33
Sample 182.5 54.2 3.37

5.Experimental Conclusions

The thickness of yam slices is about 2-3mm, and it is dried at a temperature of 60°C with yam chips frying machine. After 12 hours, a dried yam with better color can be obtained.
After measuring, the moisture content of the yam before drying is 75%, the moisture content after drying is 6%, the moisture removal rate is 70%, and the yield ratio is about 3.3:1
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