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Fruit Juice Machine For Ginger and Garlic

The main component of the ginger garlic juice machine is helix, the screw increases along the direction of the slag outlet, and the pitch gradually decreases. When the material is spirally propeller, the material is crushed due to the reduction of the volume of the spiral chamber.

The rotation direction of the screw spindle is viewed from the feed hopper to the direction of the cinder slot, which is clockwise.The raw material into the hopper, compression screw propulsion, the press juice containing juice through the filter into the bottom of the annular gap is formed between the conical part and waste through the screw and regulating the discharge of the mobile pressure head along the axial adjustable pore size. For clockwise (from the slag slot to the hopper end of the device, when turning the handwheel bearing seat, the pressure head shrinks to the left and the gap decreases, otherwise the gap increases. Change the size of the voids, adjust the slag resistance, slag rate can be changed, but if the gap is too small, in the extrusion, part of slag particles and juice together through the filtering net is out of juice, despite the increase, but the juice quality decreased, the void size should be considered the client specific process requirements set.

We also have other juice type for your choice,named crush type juice machine this is a video for crush type juice machine :

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