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Autoamtic Pomegranate Seed Extractor Video

The pomegranate seeds will ebe put the hopper. The pomegranate seed extractor machine also can process The pomegranate seed extractor machine is used for solid - liquid separation with a certain fiber or sticky macro - world material, such as fruit and vegetable juice containing certain fiber, such as pomegranate seeds. For pomegranate juices, the sieve holes are specially made according to the size of the pomegranate seeds.
So before giving a quote to a customer, you'd better confirm a few questions:
1, material properties (best material photos, such as flow material best to provide dynamic map)
2. The particle size of material
3. Requirements for the dry degree of material (dehydration rate)
4, material production requirements

This is our pomegranate seed juicer machine working video:

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