Superiority of Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine

The fresh orange juice venidng machine can automatically complete the juice, cup, capping, Straw and charging integration process, intelligent balance per cup Orange Juice weight; all terminals in real time remote management system of intelligent monitoring and management.
Fruit Juice Vending Machine 
Safety guarantee
Juice, cup, and Straw covering a series of steps are done automatically in a sealed cabin, safety, health and security; take the cup for the automatic induction door, with anti pinch function; body double anti leakage treatment, meet national safety standards.
Fresh and green
The site of the juice squeezed fresh fruit juice, without any food additives, water and sugar, in line with the ongoing pursuit of green, healthy, pure natural psychology, so easy to be recognized by consumers.
24 hours unattended, no one can fully reach the control, vending, automatic coin collection, automatic identification of counterfeit money, automatic cup, automatic statistics, automatic feedback, automatic timing switch and simple maintenance, convenient transportation.
Saving time and effort
For consumers, simple and convenient operation, saves manpower, time, Chinese LCD display, consumers can purchase through Alipay, WeChat, coin or card, payment is completed, 45 seconds to complete the work, automatic press, automatic cup, excellent taste.
Return Value
Project investment is small, without the need for special management, no need to rent the store, no backlog of inventory pressure, while having the value of return.
Save space
The Fresh orange Juice Vending Machine covers an area of 1.5 square meters, equipment specifications 1.38*1.1*2.0m, save the cost of rent, fashionable and convenient!
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