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How to Make Profit From Almond Business?

Almond business is a very popularity over the world.But how can we make profit from almond business ? Our almond shelling line with good quality and cost-effective price, almond processors will find it profitable for their business.our almond shelling line hae big capacity, is the good choice for big scale almond processing factory. Almond shelling machine line is suitable for all almond sizes because of the adjustable rotary  and  adjustable rollers.

almond shelling machine|almond hulling machineThis Almond Shelling Machine and Gravity Tables have the largest capacity as much as 1000 kg/h. Other than the primary machines, it calls for other equipment like conveyor, feeder and elevator to do the job together.
Significant almond shelling unit
Vibratory Feeder
Making use of a high frequency vibratory feeder, almonds in shell are gently and evenly fed in to the tough shell cracker. An even feed towards the hard shell cracker is critical for optimum cracking results.
Almond kernek and shell separating machine
Really hard Shell Cracking Machine
The corrugated, tough rubber rolls operate with an adjustable distance of each other to produce hairline cracks inside the tough almond shells. Many roller bearings are mounted beneath the difficult roll carriage for ease of adjustments.almond shelling and separating is automatic.
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