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Sterilization Equipment for Fresh Milk

Fresh milk sterilization equipment method fresh, natural, nutrition, when the milk left the cow breast into the mouth of consumers, the time required for a maximum of 10 days, the fastest 1 to 2 days. Pasteur is usually pure natural milk, aromatic and delicious, no need to add any additional additives (such as flavor, stabilizer, thickener, preservatives, etc.). And because of the use of low-temperature sterilization process, the nutritional content of milk is basically no loss.
fresh milk sterilization equipment pricePasteurized dairy products refers to the fresh milk as raw material, after the raw milk acceptance, net milk, cooling, standardization, ingredients, homogenization, sterilization and cooling to liquid state filling, direct supply of consumer milk products. China's agricultural standards "pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk in the identification of milk" definition of pasteurization concept is as follows: low temperature for a long time (62 ~ 65 ℃, keep 30 minutes) or high temperature short time (72 ~ 76 C for 15 seconds or 80 to 85 ° C for 10 to 15 seconds).
We need a safe, healthy, hygienic milk of milky milk. Hygienic conditions need to be particularly strict, first of the dairy farm health requirements of cattle together, cattle body clean, for the dairy cattle drinking water requirements clean, followed by the total number of milk bacteria required to be low, milk no smell, to ensure the quality of milk. The process ensures that the pathogen is killed and does not add any pigment, flavor and milk powder, and that the food is healthy enough to reach the level of green food. Due to the need to configure low-temperature refrigeration conditions, and shelf life is short, will not occur due to long-term storage of milk is easy to produce some harmful substances.

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