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What A Problem We Face:Pepper Deep Processing

Research and analysis shows that the global pepper cultivation area of 5550 acres, yield more than 6,000 tons.pepper is second only to beans, the world's third largest tomato vegetable crops, turnover of up to more than $ 30 billion.
Currently, pepper cultivation yield is amazing, diverse product range, a huge market value, attracted a large number of processors to develop the production of production. At the same time, technological advances, pepper deep-processing machinery and equipment more advanced and efficient, force chili products deep processing, will continue to stimulate market demand for related production and processing equipment and further research and development breakthroughs.
About Pepper processing,Industry expert certainly focused on a prominent role in modern processing equipment. In addition to pepper, pepper powder, chopped hot pepper, hot pepper sauce, such as a separate deep-processing production line, in fact, modern pepper processing industry has already formed a production, supply, marketing, storage, processing integrated industrial chain.
Pepper industry is gradually mechanized production source, began to use planter, harvester; storage areas, cold storage, drying room and othere,they  has become a basic configuration; processing sectors, the various types of pepper washing cleaning equipment, sorting equipment, cutting machine,pepper powder machine ,packaging equipment are widely application.

pepper deep processing machinery|how to solve pepeer deep process problems
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