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Washing Line For Process Fruit and Vegetable

Fruit and vegetable washing line made of international standard 304 stainless steel models. key components are the standard equipment, health class in accordance with international GMP standards. Widely used: fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, wine and other food industries.
This machine adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel production, in line with the national food industry to use standards, using bubble rolling / brushing / spraying technology, to maximize the material for cleaning.
Adjustable feet, drum pump oxygen gas, so that the water reaches "boiling" state generating ultrasonic shock wave, the material under the effect of "boiling water" and ultrasonic continuous rolling, cleaning thoroughly clean and does not hurt the material.
Disinfection line: disinfection time according to customer requirements to design, by spraying dipping, to fruit and vegetable export standards.
Spray line: After cleaning the secondary disinfection for spray water and energy saving.
Wind Route: Quick-drying of the product, to prevent secondary contamination after disinfection.
High-pressure spray and brush can be added according to user requirements to miscellaneous functions. When cleaning use as desalination, for different materials and the requirements of more than one combination.
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