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Pomegranate Peeling Machine For Sale

We provide pomegranate peeling machine for sale,with high quality and best price. The pomegranate peeling machine adopts international advanced technology, which is specially designed according to the characteristics of pomegranate.

After three modifications, it has been developed into the third generation. Compared with the previous two generations, it has the advantages of high production capacity, high extraction rate, low tannin content and good taste.
Now the pomegranate peeling machine has become the ideal equipment for processing pomegranate juice and wine.
The pomegranate peel machine can work independently or with other pomegranate juice processing equipment. The raw material production capacity ranges from 3t/h to 5t/h, which can meet the different requirements of customers.
Work standards of the pomegranate aril separator machine:
The pomegranate peeling machine is mainly composed of hopper, crushing device, separating drum, separating drum, transmission system and frame.
The pomegranate comes into the hopper, crushing the pomegranate into pieces.
After that, they enter the separation drum, where fresh skin and seeds are separated.
The seeds will be separated from the separated seed drums.

Our the pomegranate peeling machine is best pomegranate process machine for pomegranate juice business.For the poemgranate process machine,we also have pomegranate juice machine and juice filling machine for customer choice.Any problem you can contact us freely. you can email us freely or leave your inquiry on our website.

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