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Commercial Pomegranate Peeling Machine With Low Price

Pomegranate peeling machine is based on our foreign advanced technology in our country. According to the current situation of pomegranate production, we design pomegranate juice and design and manufacture. At present, the domestic market sales account for more than 60% of the domestic market.
The machine is mainly composed of feed hopper, crushing machine, crushing machine, rotary screen, screw pump mixing shaft, frame parts and so on. It provides power for all stainless steel manufacturing.The mixing axis is used for frequency control of motor speed.

Characteristics of pomegranate processing machine:
1.The gap between the upper pressure roller and the lower pressure roller is adjustable between the press rolls, which can be used in the flexible structure.
2.The crushing device on the bottom and bottom of the pulverizing equipment can be used to separate the skin and flesh of the passion fruit and lemon.
3.The speed of the mixing shaft and the cylinder can be adjusted.
4.The separation rate of meat and meat: more than 97%;
5.Skin damage rate: less than 1%.
pomegranate peeling machine price

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