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Pomegranates Meet Good Market

Fresh pomegranates will need to be of substantial excellent. For this reason Unitec produced a technology to sort fruit in accordance to grade, weight and colour. Its clients are in Italy, South America and Turkey, amongst some others.

"We also can assess the external top quality of the fruit. The integrity with the crown as well as the percentage of red colour around the skin are extremely critical, even though the presence of little defects about the skin isn't a problem as it could be on apples or pears," explains President Angelo Benedetti.

"We are perfecting a technique to assess internal high-quality - we have to be accountable for what we make offered to shoppers as there's no other solution to promote fruit consumption. Produce needs to be superior from an organoleptic point of view and in line using the taste profile of all categories of shoppers." According to Benedetti, pomegranates are a niche fruit that can both explode or die. "I think it is going to explode as it is now utilized in juices, smoothies, salads, etc. It's regarded as a super-food and hence it'll grow to be much more well-liked. The sole restrict will be the variability, because it is much like apricots - you may discover a great fruit or you can discover an awful one"

The Unitec sorting machine continues to be created to respect the peculiar characteristics of this fruit, but it is usually customized to meet particular clients' requirements.

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