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How to Processing Canning Vegetable In Factory

Vegetables occupy an important position in daily life. Due to the short shelf life of vegetables and the inability to store them, they need to be purchased frequently. For families who like to eat vegetables and buy them regularly, canned vegetables are a good choice. Canned vegetables better retain the color, aroma, taste and most of the nutrients of vegetables, which is convenient for storage and transportation, prolongs the sales time, and promotes the development of the vegetable industry chain. Today, the editor will take you to the customer factory that purchases the vegetable canned production line from our company to understand the entire production process of the vegetable finally turning into canned food.
processing vegetable canning factory

Prospect of Canned Vegetable Processing

Canned vegetables have formed an independent product category, including canned vegetables, canned vinegar, canned salted (sauce) vegetables, canned seasoned vegetables, canned vegetable juice (sauce), etc.
Canned vegetables are clean and hygienic, can prevent vegetables from being infected, and have a long storage time; nutrients and flavors change little during processing, and maintain the original nutritional value and flavor of vegetables to a large extent; easy to carry, transport and store, Not easy to break; most cans can be eaten without reprocessing, which is more convenient; seasonal production, year-round consumption, cross-regional consumption or export, can play the role of adjusting whether there is or not.
The demand for canned vegetables is large, the market is broad, and the processing prospects of canned vegetables are good.

 How To Process Vegetable and Canning :

The main processing steps to product canning vegetables are : Raw material vegetables → picking → cleaning → peeling → pre-cooking → cooling → sorting and canning → steam exhaust, sealing → sterilization, cooling → inspection → finished product.
The food processing machinery required for the processing of canned vegetables includes vegetable washing machines (bubble washing machines, brush washing machines), air dryers, vegetable peeling machines, multifunctional vegetable cutting machines, blanching machines, cooling machines, filling machines, etc.
vegetable canning processing time

Processing Time for Canning Vegetable Soup

In the processing of canned vegetables, it is necessary to pay attention to the blanching temperature and time. For example, spinach is blanched at 76.5°C, which is good for its green color. If blanched in boiling water, it will cause severe chlorosis; peas are blanched in boiling water or at a temperature slightly lower than boiling water, depending on the species and maturity; asparagus Blanch at 80°C. Therefore, vegetable canning time processing should be comprehensively considered according to the variety, maturity, tenderness, color and other characteristics of the specific vegetable raw materials. Generally, it is treated in boiling water or a temperature slightly lower than the boiling point for 2 to 10 minutes.
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