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Seafood Fish Ice Glazing Machine For Commercial

The automatic seafood fish  ice glazing machine is specially designed and manufactured by our company for food hanging ice processing equipment, it can be a variety of frozen vegetables, meatballs, the surface of fish products linked to a layer of ice clothing, both beautiful and increase the product yield .The ice glazing machine mixes the water and the air to form the mist spray to the surface of the product, so that the surface of the product forms a uniform layer of ice clothing. Thus reducing the loss of moisture in the product during cold storage, to ensure the freshness of the product.

Our fish ice glazing machine advantages:
Spray evenly, the thickness of the ice coat adjustable 2 ~ 5%;
Electrical devices using SIEMENS and domestic manufacturers of brand-name products made of;
Made of stainless steel and food-grade non-metallic materials.
550-type ice machine machine with high-quality stainless steel (304), beautiful appearance
With strong corrosion resistance, can adapt to corrosive working environment, in line with the provisions of Food Hygiene and Safety Law.

automatic frozen fish ice glazing machine for sale

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