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Vegetable Washing Equipment For Food Factory

The vegetable washing equipment line of Gelgoog machinery co.,ltd is mainly used for washing fruit and vegetable such as date palm,pepper,ginger,potato,apple and others.

The washing machine line is made of stainless steel 304. Our this machine can work stable and have long working life. Reaching up the food standard make people worry disappear.
Our this washing machine have bubble equipment inner in order to make vegetable rolling and removal the pesticide on the vegetable surface.at the same time,we can put into appropriate agents to  disinfect and keep stay original vegetable color.
 fruit vegetable washing machine line
Floating debris can overflow from the overflow tank, sediment discharge from the outfall, to achieve the goal of cleaning. With a clear height of clean, energy, water, equipment, stable and reliable. Simple operation, easy maintenance, easy connection. (May be accompanied by ozone according to customer requirements)
This vegetable washing machine is suitable for sterilization of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries bags of water on the removal work. Our this type vegetable washing machine have these range of features are other equipment dont have. The machine does not need auxiliary heating, so that savings in energy, reduce costs and improve work efficiency.
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