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Washing And Drying Machine for Date

Date washing drying machine line is a  products of our fruit and vegetable processing machinery system . This cleaning line by the winnowing machine, grading machine, bubble washing machine,brush cleaning machine,air dry machine and other equipment.Date/Jujube cleaning line make is come ture for vegetables winnowing, grading, cleaning, air-dried, drying function, and the washing drying machine line is the current dates, jujube processing enterprises the best choice.
Vegetable processing equipment
advanced design concepts, exquisite manufacturing technology, high degree of automation, and high efficiency, solve the problems of jujube processing enterprises high labor costs, low productivity, low yield problems. The main line equipment used in all 304 stainless steel material made of clean health, durable, full compliance with national food machinery production requirements.
Gelgoog Date washing drying machine line is your best choice for process date or deep process date. Contact us for more machine details and quotation.

date washing drying machine | washing drying machine for date
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