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Which Machine Can Peel Persimmon Skin ?

Dried persimonn is popularity and delious to eat.There are always two step to process persimonn into dried persimmon what we eat. The firslt step is peeling the persimmon skin , and then the second step is drying persimoon.

For the peeling  persimmon , it is very waste time and tired. we should in persimoon skin peeling machine. there is a problem  which persimoon peeling machine i should choose?

Our Gelgoog persimmon peeling machine can peel one persimmon within 4-6 seconds.Peeling rate is high, peeling rate is more than 98%.
The Persimmon peeling machine is the processing of persimmon, persimmon tablets and other necessary equipment. Compared with the traditional artificial peeling, with high peel efficiency, peel thickness uniform, no residual skin, fruit loss less, stable quality, safety and health advantages.

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