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Almond Peeling Machine Sold To India

Time:2017-12-12 By:wendy
This is our almond peeling machine sold to India. The india cutsomer want to peel 200 kilogram almond per hour. The our professional salesman have conmmed the GGT-11 type almond peeling machine. The peeled almond can be used for previous processing of canned almond, almond dish, almond drink and almond dew, etc.The surface of the almond kernel will not be harmed, and the protein will not be destroyed after being peeled off.When the almond skin removal machine peeling, the red jacket can be automatically separated from the core, and the machine work efficiently, easy to operate.

The  almond skin peeler machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, compact structure and so on.
Using peeling principle and special peel parts, with high peeling rate, high overall core rate, pollution-free, low power consumption, peeling, peeling and other functions.

almond peeling machine in india for sale