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Bubble Type Washing Machine For Dates

Time:2018-01-22 By:wendy
Brief introduction of bubble type washing machine for dates:
The fruit processing cleaning machine is used to clean and separate the surface attachments of the raw materials. The machine uses bubble rolling, scrubbing and spraying technology to simulate artificial cleaning action, effectively avoiding the touch, bruise and abrasion during basic cleaning, and improves working efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, salted vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and so on.
Advantages of dates washing machine:
High pressure bubble cleaning ability is strong, cleaning speed is fast, and the material is not damaged.
The effective width of the net belt is 1000mm, which is made by SUS304, which is in line with the food industry standard.
Meet the requirements of product export standards;
Adjustable non step cleaning speed;
The work efficiency is high, the manpower cost is saved and the labor intensity is lighten.

bubble type washing machine for dates