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Drum Nut Roasting Machine For Sesame Seeds

Time:2017-07-11 By:wendy
 Sesame roasting machine is mainly used for sesame and mung bean and other small particles of baking. The roasting machine Can make the baked material automatically discharged and once down cleanly. The advantage is simple operation, easy to use, baking evenly.
Sesame roasting machine is a kind of efficient ideal equipment, which has reasonable structure, smooth operation, long service life, simple method, easy operation, health and safety pollution, low failure rate, a variety of specifications for customers to choose.
Sesame all over the world's tropical regions and some temperate regions. Sesame is one of the main oil crops, with high application value. Its seed oil content is as high as 55%. The aroma of oil extracted from sesame seeds is also known as sesame oil and can be used as edible oil. It can also be used for medicinal purposes. It is used as a high quality massage oil or as an ointment base agent, slip agent and antidote. Sugar sesame oil can produce cream and cosmetics. From the flowers and stems of sesame seeds, spices used to make perfumes can be obtained. Hot pressed sesame oil can be used to make carbon paper. Sesame oil burned by the fumes, can produce high-grade ink. Sesame stem can do fuel.

Sesame can also be used for industrial production of lubricants and soaps. Sesame cake with high protein content, is a good fine feed, cake contains about 5.9% of nitrogen, about 3.3% of phosphoric acid, potassium oxide 1.5%, so it is a good fertilizer.

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