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How to Use Automatic China Garlic Peeler Machine ?

Time:2018-06-06 By:admin
Today we will talk about how to use garlic peeler machine correctly.Functioning using the straightforward and standard mechanism, this can be utilising to peel the skin of garlic cloves. This gadget consists of components like flywheel, approach unitand peeler. The automatic garlic peeling machine decreases the time consumption and protects the hand fingers from the welfare concerns like irritation in fingers and nail breakings.

Garlic peeler machine China:
The garlic peeler machine China peeling charge as high as 98%. via pneumatic operating principle, it could possibly approach garlics without having injury. The garlic peeler machine truly is equipped with automatic control gadget and automatic feeding device .The shell and also the garlic clove can separate instantly devoid of any damage.
The garlic peeler machine china is produced underneath the advice of our experienced pros employing optimum excellent materials in compliance with set sector standards.
The garlic peeler machine china utilizes dry peeling process, It makes use of dry pneumatic principle and needs air compressor matching it to achieve the peeling work. The special design can make absolutely sure that the garlic is no any friction using the blade in the course of peeling. So you could get the garlic in great situation, lower breakage, smooth surface, non-pollution.

How to use garlic peeler machine?
Mechanical equipment has a certain risk factor. This is unavoidable, so we are guided by the principle of safety first when operating the govind garlic peeler machine. Below I will explain in detail the attention of the garlic peeler machine during operation:

First, electricity safety:
Electricity is the energy provider for all machines. However, electricity is also a terrible thing. Electric shock can cause personal injury and death. The spark generated by garlic peeler machine China leakage may cause fire, explosion and so on. Therefore, before using the garlic peeler, it is necessary to ensure the safety of electricity before it can be used.

Second, do not disassemble:
Try not to dismantle and repair yourself. If problems occur and communicate with our company in time, our company will contact you in time to solve the problem for you. Freely disassembling is a kind of damage to the garlic peeler machine, and it will bring certain risks to you personally.]

Any probolem you can contact us freely. We also can provide you whole of garlic processing line if you need big capacity. Garlic peeling line is avaiable for you. Email wendy@machinehall.com phone/whatsapp:+8618539931566.

how to use automatic china garlic peeler machine