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The Five Things Need To Know When Drinking Juice

Time:2015-10-31 By:admin
1, Don’t  Drink Fruit Juice In The Morning With An Empty Stomach. After a night, blood viscosity increases. So, nutritionists recommend people should drink a cup of water in the morning, in order to dilute fluid. But if drink juice at this time, rather than have the effect of dilute fluid, and increase the burden of intestines and stomach. 

2, The Best Time To Drink Juice Is Morning . white-collar gens Work busy , the most frantic moments is in the morning, so many white-collar workers are dealing with a breakfast, not even to eat. This will lead to the human body at this time a lack of vitamin a lot. In the busy after a morning's work, drink a cup of fruit juice, the added energy, also added vitamins.

3 Juice Can't Been Heating. The days per month, a lot of women feel some heated juice is enjoyed one of the things. Little imagine, most conducive to beauty is vitamin C in fruit juice, but vitamin C a heating goes bad, not good cosmetic effect. 

4, Don't Mix Juice And Milk. This seems to be a cliche. Juice contains fruit acid, can react with the protein in milk, made from two aspects of nutrients can be absorbed. So, juice and milk the best separation.