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Kiwi Washing Machine

Time:2016-12-22 By:wendy
Kiwi washing machine is used to washing kiwi. the washing machine take brush type.the Brush washing machine brush the surface of the material to remove debris and hair clean, and then high-pressure spray, clean thoroughly. The bottom of the slope into the body and equipped with a catheter to facilitate sediment discharge. This machine is suitable for ginseng, angelica, ginger, garlic, potatoes, carrots, jujube, taro and other bulbous root, namely round, cylindrical, and irregular shapes of vegetables and fruits.
 kiwi washing machine|fruit vegetable washing machine
1, after the installation of equipment, your company designated operators free training guidance to enable them to master the operation of the equipment and the general maintenance.
2, the equipment acceptance date of delivery, the product provides one year free warranty.
4, when the equipment failure, we received notice of your company, the timely arrangements for guidance to make arrangements for the transfer to ensure the normal operation of equipment