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fruit and vegetable wahsing machine

Time:2017-07-29 By:wendy
We are engaged in fruit and vegetable machiens .And vegetable and fruit washing machine is one of our advanced machine, Bubble Type Leafy Vegetable Cleaning Machine,fruit vegetable Washing and Peeling Machine and Potato Washing and Peeling Machine and so on .
it has below advantages:
1.Working during the movement of the conveyer, no stop, work continuously.
2.Washing clearly, can wash the hollows on the surface of the fruit and vegetables clearly.
3.No damage to the vegetable and fruit, the machine can perfectly finish the washing without damage the surface.
4.Multi-function, this machine can peel the skin,too. Just need to change the brush, very convenient,efficient.
5.Output rangs from 1000kg/h to 3000kg/h, can meet all your requests.