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How To Use Gas Heating Oil Frying Machine

Time:2017-07-29 By:wendy
The Gas Heating Oil Frying Machine is work with fried food machinery,suitable for food factory and frying company,the energy is gas.The temperature and frying time can be adjusted according to different foods,so it is an idea frying equipment.
Gas parameters
Gas consumption:15CMB/H
Working Principle
1.Turn off the oil-discharging valve,put oil into oil tank(Below frying frame 100mm)
2.Connect the gas pipe well and make sure no gas leakage,and connect electric power
3.Connect the gas pipe to burner in the machine,adjust the pressure of gas to 3300Pa,then open the valve
4.Set the temperature in the electric cabinet,then turn on the heating switch,the burner start to heating,turn on the stirring button at this time
5.Check the raw material each the effect which user requests,stop stirring,then press the button of discharging,wait for a moment when the frying frame raise to half to let the oil out,then put the material out directly
1.Check all the working parts are fine,all the screws are tight,stop and check immediately if anything abnormal during operation
2.Check the gas pipe regularly,if there is gas leakage,stuck.If anything stuck,take apart it immediately ,dredge it with compressed air after cleaning.

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