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Pomegranate Aril Separator Machine Cost

Time:2018-01-26 By:wendy
We are pomegranate aril separator machine manufacturer in china, provide all the customers with high quality and best price. If you need the pomegranate aril separator machine cost, you can email wendy@machinehall.com freely or leave message on our website.If you need pomegranate aril separator machine There are some information for you about how the pomegranate peeling machine work and how we get pomegranate seeds.

Pomegranate aril separator machine also called pomegranate peeling machine is one of the special equipment for deep processing of pomegranate. The machine is developed on the basis of our foreign technology in Italy and used for pomegranate skin separation. It is a necessary equipment for the early processing of pomegranate juice. Its working principle is that the pomegranate from entering the feed hopper crushing device, crushing roller and roller blade relative compression and pressure, the overall cut into several pieces of pomegranate squeeze; on the crusher crushing roller is made of stainless steel, two roll gap can be adjusted to 20-30mm; and then move into the crushing device, second broken next, crushing roller is non-toxic and high elastic rubber manufacturing, the pomegranate peel and seeds with less damage, two roller clearance adjustable 10-20mm; after two broken, has been separated into pomegranate peel and seeds, the separation device is provided with a variable speed (separating axis with the rotary sieve, in combination) the rotation of the shaft separation and separation device under the pomegranate seeds and juice from the sieve leakage through the discharge mouth into the next process (by screw conveyor to the juicer or other equipment); the pomegranate peel is discharged from the tail.   the whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel in addition to the reducer and some transmission parts. The size of the sieves is 12-18 millimeters, such as pomegranates, which should be marked when ordering.

pomegrante aril separator machine cost