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What is Quick Freeze Machine and its Price

Time:2020-10-27 By:wendy
Food freezing is to use modern freezing technology to reduce the temperature of the food to the expected freezing temperature below its freezing point in the shortest possible time, so that all or most of the water contained in it will increase with the heat inside the food. It forms ice crystals to reduce the liquid water necessary for life activities and biochemical reactions, inhibit microbial activities, and highly slow down the biochemical changes of food, thereby ensuring the stability of vegetables during cold storage by the quick freezing machine.
how the frozen vegetable made

How frozen vegetables are made?

Quick-frozen vegetables are frozen foods made by fast freezing after processing fresh vegetables. Its advantage is that it can be stored for a long time, and it can maintain the original color, taste and vitamins of vegetables to a large extent, and it can effectively regulate the supply of vegetables in the off-peak season. . Production of quick-frozen vegetables.
The specific method is as follows:
1. Variety selectionChoose good varieties of vegetables suitable for freezing, such as cucumbers, green peppers, garlic moss, cabbage, spinach, celery, green beans, potatoes, mushrooms, etc.
2.2. The standard requires selection of vegetables with moderate heat, fresh and tender, and uniform size and length.
3. Cut the vegetables. Cut into the desired shape. Generally speaking, the smaller the shape, the shorter the quick freezing time.
4. Wash the vegetables. Wash the cut vegetables to ensure that the vegetable materials are clean and hygienic.
5. Transport the vegetables to the quick-freezing equipment. The temperature of the quick-freezing equipment used quickly freezes vegetables.
what is the name of the machine that does a quick freeze for vegetables and fruit? This is called a quick freezing machine. Also IQF Machine. 

What is a quick freezing machine?

The general trend of food quick freezing technology is low temperature and quick freezing, and the form of frozen products has also developed from large plate freezing to rapid freezing of monomers. At present, quick freezing devices can be roughly divided into strong blowing continuous quick freezing devices, tunnel freezing devices, contact freezing devices, and direct freezing devices.
The instant quick freeze machine can quickly freeze the food center temperature to 5~-1℃, and the time required to pass the maximum ice crystal formation zone does not exceed 30 minutes. For noodles, fresh fish and meat with high moisture content, when the product temperature reaches -1℃, the moisture in the food begins to freeze, and when the temperature drops to -5℃, 80% of the moisture content freezes. At this time, the quick-freezing equipment can roughly freeze the whole food.

These is quick freezing machine working video for oyster. Hope to help you better understand quick freezing equipment.

The history of quick freezing machines:

clarence birdseye invent the quick freeze machine in the 1920s, thus starting the modern frozen food market and food industry. Thus frozen food machine the quick freeze machine in 1920s.
The achievements of the current quick freezing technology benefit from the leadership of Clarence Birdseye. On the basis of Clarence Birdseye, scientific researchers have created more suitable quick freezing equipment.

How much does a freeze dry machine cost:

There are different types of quick-reading refrigerators, and different types have different output. Our company can customize reasonable quick freezing solutions according to your specific needs.
Therefore, the price of quick freezers is not fixed. Contact us to inform your needs, such as the shape of raw materials, output, factory size, etc., we can provide you with customized solutions. And the program is free.