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Carrot Washing Machine Price In India


Carrot Washing Machine Price In India

As a manufacturer of washing machine equipment, we have been selling carrot washing machines for more than ten years. Have sold to India. About Us Carrot washing machines cost about 2500$-12000$. If you need washer machine detail price,contact us freely. 

For carrot cleaning machines, we can provide the appropriate carrot cleaning equipment according to the size of the customer's carrot processing business. Contact us with your request for carrot cleaning equipment, we will provide you with the most suitable carrot cleaning machine and price.
 carrot washing machine indida

Carrot washing machine principle:

The washing machine uses three washings, one wash of radish, two washings, and three washing and polishing. The brushing of each machine is different, and the incoming materials automatically flow into the next one.
Nine large brushes are installed in the equipment, and a spray water pipe is installed on the top. During the cleaning process, the material rotates with the brush, and then is washed by the spray water on the top. The spiral discharge port on the side of the equipment can be discharged while cleaning, or it can be discharged once after cleaning. This equipment saves water and has large cleaning capacity, which is especially suitable for large and medium-sized food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, clean vegetable distribution and other large-scale assembly line work.

Carrot Washing machine function:

The washed radish has good gloss and high appearance quality, which meets the requirements of our customers. It can also be used in conjunction with bubbling vegetable washer and vegetable air dryer to complete the cleaning assembly line and improve production efficiency.

Application scope of vegetable washing machine:

It is suitable for individuals, small and medium vegetable dehydration plants, fresh carrots, and a wide range of processing. It is the first choice washing machine for vegetables and fruits.

Carrot cleaning machine operation:

1. After connecting the power supply and the water pipe, pour the materials evenly into the washing machine for cleaning;
2. Pneumatic power switch to make the equipment run normally and turn correctly;
3. After the cleaning work is completed, turn on the discharge port switch to complete the automatic discharge of raw materials.

Business related to carrot processing:

Carrot cleaning
Carrot air drying 
Carrot grading
Carrot chips cutting 
Carrot drying
Carrot packaging
Carrot juice

Carrot washing machine manufacturer:

We at Jergug supply cleaning machines all over the world, such as: USA, Canada, India, Canada, Nigeria, Russia, etc.
Customers' continuous repurchase of carrot processing equipment is the biggest recognition of our production equipment. We will continue to make quality washing machine equipment. Help more people succeed in the vegetable processing business.

 Vegetable washing machine after sales service:

1. After receiving the machine, customers can use it directly without installation. We can provide free instruction and training for operators, so that they can master the equipment operation methods and perform general maintenance.
2, from the date of equipment acceptance and delivery, one year of free warranty is provided for the product (including the cost of natural damage parts).
3. In order to cooperate with the use, it is necessary for the customer to use the machine for regular maintenance.
4. We have a professional after-sales team. If you have any questions, please call directly for consultation. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service.
If you need a carrot washing machine, please leave a message on our website or call or email us directly. Phone / whatsapp: +8618539931566 Email: wendy@machinehall.com-washg
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