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How Does A Garlic Peeling Machine Work?


Do you know how garlic peeling machine works? Here will introduce some details about an industrial garlic peeling machine working principle. The garlic peeling machine's working principle is very simple, and one wor can operate it, and very easy to lean.
How Does A Garlic Peeling Machine Work?
How the garlic peeling machine work process? See the process steps:

  1. whole garlic is put into the hopper and into the stainless steel barrel, where the vertical shaft with the rubber pad rotates.
  2. The garlic comes in contact with the rubber pad and other garlic, and the skin is blown off and dropped.
  3. The blower part is placed near the outlet and the skin is blown to the dust collector through an aluminum tube.
  4. Collect the peeled garlic through the collection box at the exit without skin.
  5. When whole garlic goes into the peeling barrel, it splits into individual pieces (without damage) that peel off as they move through the rotation axis.
If you are still not clear about how does agarlic peeling machine work, you can see the following garlic peeling video:

Automatic garlic peeling machine takes advantage of the strength and strength of the air flow of high-power air compressor. Peeling rate and garlic quality are directly related to the air compressor purchased. With 380V voltage, it requires the cooperation of 5.5 or 7.5kw air compressor. The bruising rate is limited to 5-8%.

Garlic peeling is a tedious, key, expensive and time-consuming unit operation in garlic processing. A garlic peeler with cylindrical concave mechanism is developed to reduce cost and time.

The inefficiency of our machine due to low automation and a shortage of Labour during the peak season has limited capacity.

Garlic peeling machine is divided into wet peeling and dry peeling, wet peeling is generally used in deep processing of garlic. The pollution is too serious. Some local governments have banned wet garlic peeling machines. Currently, there are not many wet garlic peeling machines on the market. Our team adopts the dry garlic peeling machine to provide users with a higher machine experience. At present, there are many manufacturers of full automatic  garlic process machine. As a professional food supplier, henan GELGOOG provides customers with high-quality garlic peeling machine and high-quality solutions to meet customers' garlic processing business.

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