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How to Make Garlic Powder Commercially?


How to make garlic powder commercially?

Garlic powder is a kind of seasoning obtained with dehydrating and crushing. Usually, people will be more troublesome when they make their own homes, and the sanitary conditions can not be guaranteed, so people will buy high-quality garlic powder from professional garlic powder manufacturers. This is one of the reasons why so many people want to do the garlic powder business.There will to show how to make garlic powder commercially.
agrlic powder process machine

Garlic powder benefits and side effects:

The usage of garlic powder: Garlic powder is a powder prepared by adding carrier oil of garlic oil, which is used for health care and growth promotion. Allicin can effectively stimulate the formation of aroma-producing amino acids in animals, increase the aroma components in meat and eggs, and make meat and eggs more delicious. Adding feed can improve the disease resistance of livestock, poultry, and fish, and accelerate the growth rate. It has the functions of detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can significantly reduce the toxicity of effective substances in the feed.
The garlic powder characteristics and effects: Broad-spectrum antibacterial and antibacterial and bactericidal effects: It can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella and respiratory and digestive diseases caused by Gram-negative and positive infections in livestock and poultry. Significant efficacy of its complications.

Garlic Powder Production Flow Chart:

The garlic powder processing steps are mainly: selecting, separating, garlic peeling, sorting, slicing, drying, and garlic powder grinding.
Garlic powder production line

Garlic Sorting Machine:

The selection of materials requires manual operation, and the garlic is poured on the garlic selection table, and the garlic heads with the worms and mildew are picked out one by one and eliminated. In the selection process, the garlic is too small, because the garlic is too small, after the slicing process, the area of the garlic is small, affecting the quality of the finished product.

Garlic Separate Machine:

In order to better get the garlic skin, we use a garlic separate machine to quickly separate the garlic. The garlic separate machine uses the force generated by the upper and lower rubber bands of different speeds to divide the garlic into garlic cloves. After the split, the garlic cloves and the outer skin are mixed, so how do you separate them? Strong wind generated by a blower. Because the proportion of garlic cloves is larger than that of garlic skin, that is to say, the garlic cloves are heavy and the outer skin is light. The wind can be used to remove the garlic skin. The garlic skin that has not been removed must be manually picked out.

Garlic Peeling Machine:

The nest step is garlic peeling machine. The garlic peeling machine uses high-pressure gas to directly blow off the outer cover of the garlic clove and a transparent film attached to the garlic clove. The peeling machine removes the garlic automatically. To ensure the garlic powder quality, the peeled garlic is also selected.

Garlic Picking Belt

The choice is to pick out the mildewed, mashed garlic cloves. The garlic cloves that have not been removed from the garlic skin should also be picked and re-peeled. After the above steps, it can be said that the basic part has been completed, and the actual treatment of the dehydrated garlic pieces is required.

Garlic Washing Machine:

The peeled garlic is a litter dusty. Thanks to our bubble type garlic washing machine. The garlic cloves were put into the washing machine, and the dust on the garlic cloves was washed away by the chopped garlic cloves. The washing machine also has a high-pressure water jet. and the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzles further cleans the appearance of the garlic cloves. The water is drained and ready to be sliced. The slices are used to enhance the dehydration effect and also reduce the volume of storage.
Garlic washing machine for sale garlic power machine

Garlic Slice Cutting Machine:

Put the garlic cloves on the hoist and send them to the feeder inlet through the conveyor. Manually control the number of garlic cloves. Our garlic slicer machine blade is sharp. The cutter head rotates smoothly. The rotation speed is generally 80~100 revolutions per minute. And the cut garlic pieces should be even, and the thickness of the garlic pieces is 1.5~1.8 mm.

Garlic Washer Machine:

The cut garlic slice will be washed again into a bubble washing machine. And the garlic slice surface mucus and sugar will be washed away by the sputum of the bubbles. The cleaning time is 3 minutes and the water temperature is kept at around 10 °C.

Garlic Drying Machine:

Washed garlic slice should be used to remove moisture from the surface of the garlic to shorten the drying time. The dried garlic slices can be dried. The dehydrated garlic slices are dried using a dedicated heat pump dryer. The specific method is as follows: uniformly spread the garlic pieces in the grid tray of the dryer, insert the grid plate into the material cart, push the material cart into the garlic  drying machine, and open the host. During the drying process, the temperature should be controlled between 55~75 °C and the drying time is 10~12 hours. The standard of dried garlic slices is: the shape of the tablets is normal, the color is white, and the moisture content is 4 to 5%.
garlic drying machine fro garlic powder business

Garlic Powder Making Machine:

After drying, there will be garlic powder grinding step. Our garlic powder grinding machine is suitable for crushing dry and brittle materials. This machine has the advantage of simple structure, strong, stable operation, crushing materials rapid and uniform with good effect. This machine adopts the high-quality stainless steel materials, the interior of the machine is precision machined, to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean. The machine can make the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other products that in line with international standards, reached hygiene requirements.

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