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Pomegranate Juice Extractor To Malaysia

Our the pomegrante juice extractor machine will be packed to Malaysia.We are manufacturing of Pomegranate Juice Machine. All equipments are manufacturing from highly grade material in that process equipments contains. We are manufacturing of capacity ranges from 500 kg/ hour to 1000 kg per hour.We also have pomegranate peeling machine for your choice.

The pomegranate juicing machine has a higher juice yield than other juicers and can create wealth for merchants even more. This machine is widely used in the liquid liquefaction of wine, juice and other fruit juice industry, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Normally the water content of the pressed material after dehydration is 60%. Of course, this moisture content also depends on different materials.

The advantages of pomegranate Juicer machine :
1. high pressure juice machine, with hydraulic control pressure system and oil pump.
2. screen quality is better than speed
3. adapt to a variety of materials rather than speed
The effect of 4. speed is better than that of speed.
5: is especially suitable for high fiber material, sliding material, herbal medicine, residue and so on.

pomegranate juice extractor making machine malaysia with high quality
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