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Complete Garlic Processing Process Guide

Time:2021-03-24 By:admin
What are the common methods for garlic processing? This article will give you an introduction:garlic powder production line processing,garlic paste processing, the method of garlic juice, the processing steps of garlic wine and garlic oil. As a supplier of garlic processing machine, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions.

1. Garlic powder processing :

garlic powder process steps

   1. garlic processing plant steps.

  Mature garlic cloves → peel → sort → wash → deodorize → slice → blanch → cold water rinse and cool → drain → low
Warm drying → crushing → sieving → packaging → finished product storage.

   2. Key points of garlic powder process operation.

   (1) Use garlic peeling machine or chemical method to remove the outer skin of high-quality garlic, and then sort it and clean it, and then soak and deodorize with 0.02-0.05% ZS-3 deodorant, which can remove the unique odor of garlic, while retaining all other effective ingredients of garlic, including the spicy flavor.
   (2) Cut garlic into evenly-thick garlic slices, and then bleach them in hot water at 95℃-98℃ for 1-3 minutes, then quickly wash 2-3 times in cold water, and use air-drying equipment to remove moisture on the surface of garlic.
  (3) Put the dewatered garlic slices in a low-temperature garlic drying equipment, and keep the temperature below 60°C for 5-6 hours until the water content is less than 5%.
(4) After drying the garlic slices, sieving and removing impurities, crushed into powder with a garlic powder grinding machine, then sieved with 80-100 mesh, and then separated according to special grade, grade 1, and grade 2 quality, the color is white or milky white, or slightly yellow, strong garlic fragrance, moisture content below 5%, packaged in aluminum foil or composite film bags, or bottled.

   2. Garlic paste production:

garlic sauce processing machine

   1. The production process of garlic sauce.

  Mature garlic garlic cloves → peeled → deodorized → grated → syrup → mixed ingredients → finished product
  Mature garlic garlic cloves → crush → adjust PH → filter → sediment → mix ingredients → finished product
  Mature garlic garlic cloves→Break→Adjust PH→Filter→Residue→Mixed ingredients→Finished product

   2. Garlic paste process operation points.

   (1) The same as the pretreatment of garlic powder. Use a garlic peeling machine with clove-breaking function to remove the skin of the selected garlic. The peeled garlic needs to be cleaned and sorted.
   (2) Breaking treatment. Use garlic paste machine to crush garlic. When garlic is crushed or after crushing, add protective agent and stabilizer, vitamin B1, and adjust the PH value to 4.0-4.5 with citric acid.
   (3) Filter processing. The crushed garlic pulp is squeezed into juice and the residue and juice are separated, and then the juice is separated into sediment and supernatant by a centrifuge to obtain sediment.
   (4) Mixing ingredients: mix the residue, sediment and garlic paste obtained above, and add salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.
Seasoning, the pure scent of garlic is obtained.

   3. Garlic juice beverage processing:

garlic juice processing machine

   1. Recipe:

garlic, hawthorn, red dates, honey, purified water, etc.

   2. Garlic juice production process:

Garlic juice → add red dates, hawthorn extract juice → add honey, purified water and other seasonings → the above ingredients are mixed and stirred according to the main amount of each ingredient → bottled sterilization → finished product.

  3. Main points of work operation garlic juice machine:

   (1) The garlic is broken, peeled, and washed. Clean the garlic and proceed to the next step.
(2) Heat the deodorized large floor with 3 times the weight of water for 3-5 minutes, pulverize into a slurry, and separate the garlic with a centrifuge with 1200 rpm and 200 mesh filter cloth after 10 days, and finally use diatoms The soil filter is finely filtered once.
   (3) Pour allicin liquid into the mixing tank, add sugar, honey, citric acid, stabilizer, etc. to mix evenly.
(4) Fresh hawthorn extract juice, use 75 parts of white sugar, add 25 parts of water to prepare 75% sugar liquid, then mix 1000 parts of sugar liquid with 75% ethanol, as the extract, take 1000 parts of fresh hawthorn The above-mentioned extract is prepared, heated, precipitated, and filtered to obtain semi-finished hawthorn juice.
  (5) Use the same method to prepare the extract of fresh jujube juice.
  (6) Mix and stir the ingredients according to the formula respectively, and mix them evenly.
  (7) Prepared into moderately sweet and sour, with different concentrations, garlic juice beverages, bottled and sterilized, finished products.

  4: Garlic wine processing line:

garlic win making

   1. Garlic wine production process.

  Cutting garlic cloves → peeling → sorting → washing → deodorizing → washing → crushing → extraction → centrifugal juice extraction → filtration →
Blending → bottling → finished product.

    2. Key points of process operation.

   (1) The garlic is broken, peeled, and washed. Clean the garlic and proceed to the next step.
(2) After crushing the ground, add 2 times more than 90% of edible alcohol to extract for 15 days, and then separate the semi-finished products of allicin wine with a centrifuge with 1200 rpm and 200 mesh filter cloth, and finally filter with diatomaceous earth And fine filter once.
   (3) Pour the garlic wine into the ingredient tank, add the ingredients and mix evenly.
   (4) The prepared garlic wine is bottled, packaged, and the finished product leaves the factory.

   5. Garlic oil process plant:

garlic oil production line

   1. Garlic oil production process.

Ripe garlic garlic cloves → peeled, deodorized and crushed → tanked → soaked → distilled → condensation → separated → refined → finished product.

   2. Key points of process operation.

   (1) The garlic is broken, peeled, and washed. Clean the garlic and proceed to the next step.
   (2) After the deodorized garlic is crushed by a colloid mill, add water twice the garlic's weight, pour it into the fermentation tank, and soak it at 55°C for 3 hours.
(3) The soaked garlic pulp is put into a distillation pot for distillation. The steaming volume is preferably 120 kg/hour. The distillate is separated by an oil-water separator to obtain crude oil. The distillation time should be controlled within 20 hours. During distillation, the cooling water outlet temperature of the cooler is controlled below 40°C. The crude oil is refined, and the oil yield can reach 0.4-0.5%, and it can reach the export quality standard.