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How Does A Grape Destemmer Work ?

Time:2018-01-04 By:wendy
The grape setm removing and crushing machine has a higher removal rate of stems and a lower breaking rate. At the same time, this machine has a screening function. The resulting grape berries are cleaner and the processed fruit juice and fruit wine taste better.

Working principle of grape destemming and crushing machine:
After the grape berries entered the hopper, they were led forward by the perforated grid below and the upper fin. Under the action of two sets of vibrating rods, each bunch of grapes separated from the peduncle and dropped from the hole of the grid belt to the bottom Two rotary shaft sorting station. The first paragraph of the sorting table, whether it is pitch or pitch, are relatively close, allowing only small pieces of fruit and falling debris. The second paragraph, the pitch and pitch pitch have become larger, and can be adjusted according to the variety of grapes, grape berries allowed to fall down, and fruit stems and leaves, the size than the gap, can not fall, but was continued to point Select the edge of the station until it drops.

Application areas
The machine is a new grape stalk removal machine, can effectively remove all kinds of impurities, get clean grape fruit.

Product advantages of Grape Crushers and Destemmers:
1 This machine can work continuously and produce large quantities.
2 In addition to the conveyor belt, this machine is made entirely of 304 stainless steel, which meets the food manufacturing standards.
3 higher than the stem rate.
4 It is equipped with electromagnetic variable speed motor.
grape setm removing and crushing machine