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Fruit Vegetable Washing Machinery For Coconut and Pineapple

Time:2017-07-20 By:wendy
Our company has many years of experience in the production of pipeline machines, in the continuous study of the experimental process to produce the cleaning equipment.Our the fruit vegetable  washing machine set the economy, practical, simple operation, cleaning effect, high yield characteristics.fruit and vegetable processing equipment necessary equipment is the best choice for the fruit vegetable process commercial industrial.
The advantages of mesh belt cleaning machine;
1. Equipment is a practical tool for cleaning fruit, coconut and pineapple fruit
2. Equipment appearance, cleaning capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption can be continuous work
3. Material with a special process to deal with wear resistance, can be used continuously for many years without damage, the whole machine with stainless steel, durable and not rust.
4. Automatic mesh with material, easy to operate.
5. Widely used, mainly for large diameter fruit cleaning.

fruit vegetable washing machine for coconut,pineapple,apple